Glacial Hiking with Hidden Iceland

A story detailing a glacial hike in Vatnajökull National Park with outdoor adventure company, Hidden Iceland.


The End,

An old fashioned, rustic feeling editorial born from both intangible beauty and resounding sadness. Inspired by the connection I feel towards mother earth and my human observations.

Glamping at The Quiet Site

A story about exploring the Lake District with good friends. Chilling out at one the UK’s most sustainable camping spots, The Quiet Site.

Forester Products

An interview conducted by Alannah of Forester Products late last year. She asks me about my thoughts on sustainability, inspiration and the environment.

The Lone Wolf Pack

An interview with Georgia, founder of The Lone Wolf Pack. Followed by a personal story about the early days of struggling with mental health problems.

The Land of Awe

A story about my adventures in Iceland, and my appreciation for all of its wildness. Published online with Rucksack Magazine.

Beach x TTM

An emotive portrait and poetry editorial with models Sophie & Joe, set at Druridge Bay, Northumberland.

The Change of Seasons

Partnering with Proof Eyewear across Western Scotland and Northern England, talking about traveling, wildlife and creation.