Beach x TTM


Editorial Brief: I want this to be a story of two people who care deeply about each other. It will be through the use of both body and facial language that we show this connection, which can be either platonic or romantic. I want there to be room for the viewer to have their own interpretation of the photographs. By pairing my imagery with my own poetry, it will give a complete sense of the beach and the story of these two characters. The photographs will visually tell a story, and the poems will describe the deeper feelings, allowing the reader to experience the smaller things that happened within these pictures.

This has been one of those projects that has been building up for a while, but took no real form until early May. I have always looked to tell stories with my photography, and I've been practising this skill over the past months with both landscapes and portraits, mixing into a sort of documentary/travel style feel. Focusing on my own ideas and refining how I capture particular stories or feelings has been very eye-opening for me. It's allowed me the time and space to feel freely about the world around me and the lifestyle I would like to capture.


I have been a fan of several photographers whom have influenced and helped shape the work in this editorial, mainly @1924us. These guys are such a huge inspiration to me, sharing genuine and honest stories about their lives, as well as the outlook that they have towards growing, living and appreciating what is around them. They're an extremely talented and hardworking bunch of creatives, whom sell beautiful works that they have photographed, written or designed themselves. I would urge you guys to go read through some of Christian's stories that are shared via his Instagram, and even hire them for some branding if you can afford it.

The concept for this editorial started all fuzzy and blurred in my mind, struggling to take a form of its own due to my lack of experience within this area. I knew what I wanted it to feel like; warm and homely; rustic and old fashioned yet intimate. I started by opening up Pinterest and creating a secret board full of the colours I got those feelings from, eventually selecting some final images and creating some concept boards, which I have below. I don't know all of the photographers whom took these beautiful photographs, which is one major downside to using Pinterest to gather images. The only image I can credit is the last shot of a beach fire, taken by Bailey Wilday whom is a young photographer and vlogger from Tasmania, Australia. He captures absolutely breathtaking landscapes and portraits in Tassie, and is one of my favourite photographers (as well as being solely responsible for why Tasmania is so high up on my list of places to visit). His editing creates stunning tones and feelings of contentment, which was the vibe I was going for in this editorial shoot.


After gathering the colour palette concept boards, I contacted Tyne Tees Models and shot them an email asking to use some of their models for this shoot. I managed to get Sophie Grieve-Hunter and Joe West whom both fitted perfectly with the style I was going for. I've worked with Sophie previously, and she truly is wonderful to work with. Neither of us had worked with Joe before, but it was amazing to see him enjoying the shoot and sharing some of his own ideas with us as the day got on.

Being my first styled shoot, I was giddy with both excitement and nervousness for how it would go. I bought some props to help set the scene, things like: blankets, food, cushions, bowls, wicker baskets - the lot. I then set things up in my own back garden to decide on layout and angles, what kind of camera lens to use etc. I found this process was really helpful because it allowed me to develop more of an idea of what I wanted from Sophie and Joe during the shoot. I can honestly say that the shoot went better than I expected because it took its own shape and form throughout the day, evolving into something I'm so happy and proud of.