Interview x Forester Products



Late last year I was interviewed by Alannah, founder of Forester Products, a sustainable and eco-friendly company from Northern Ireland.

We’d spoken for a while prior to this, and quickly noticed our beliefs towards the environment were very similar. I found myself taking some promotional shots for them in autumn of 2018. All of their products are made of entirely cruelty free and vegan materials.


A lot of inspiration comes to me from nature, and from within, through perspective and self-reflection. It is easy to focus on just the good things or the bad things. However, not a lot comes from dwelling on one emotion. Intrigue ignites inspiration for me, and a lot of the time it is a spontaneous observation, thought, feeling or realisation. Within my documentary work, I like to capture these emotions through the eyes of others, and capture their stories/relationships/passions/pains. With my landscape work, I adore showing people how I see what is around me; as we all have a unique eye. Portraiture allows me to capture an idea or a person in a way that is both passive and intense. I love that photography allows me to be so versatile and expressive.

Read the full interview here.